Business model and market

Abacus Medicine is a distributor of original prescription medicines. Our business model is based on the core principle of the free movement of goods in the EU’s single market.

Currency rates and the price setting of original manufactures often make exactly the same medicine available at different prices in different EU countries. This allows Abacus Medicine to purchase the medicine in a low-cost country and make a profit by reselling it in a high-cost country. This is generally known as parallel distribution or parallel import.

The total market for parallel distribution of medicines in Europe amounts to approximately 5.5 billion euros. The most important country is Germany, which accounts for roughly half the total market. Because healthcare systems and national reimbursement rules differ substantially from country to country, a deep knowledge of each individual market is a cornerstone in the success of Abacus Medicine.

Healthcare costs are rising

We are living longer. Children born in Western Europe in 2017 have an average life expectancy of 79 years for males and 84 years for females. This is a lot higher than it used to be.

Since 1970, the average life expectancy of a citizen of Germany has risen 10.1 years and for people in Portugal 14.5 years. In other parts of the world, life expectancy has risen even more. (1)

Living longer, happy lives is obviously a cause for joy. But it comes at a cost: It is often very expensive. The proportion of elderly is growing in all EU-member states, and our changing demographics have sent healthcare costs soaring with seemingly no end in sight.

Already, we are beginning to see our societies straining to bear the burden. Hospitals are laying off staff to pay for expensive medicine, and money spent on healthcare cannot be spent on other things we might value – better schools, safer roads, or protecting the environment, for example.

When Abacus Medicine supplies medicines at a more affordable price, the result is significant savings for patients and public budgets. A number of studies (2) have shown that parallel imports of medicine create direct and indirect savings worth billions of euros annually.

Our strategy

Abacus Medicine is a market leader in the most expensive types of medicines, such as chemotherapies for cancer treatment or immunosuppressive drugs used in connection with organ transplants. Prices of 3,000 euros or more are standard for these medicines.

We pursue an ambitious growth strategy through selling many types of medicines in many different countries. We invest heavily in entering new markets and in increasing the number of medicines that we hold a license to sell. Most of our competitors focus on fewer and less expensive products in a few countries or even a single country.

Our presence in many different markets adds complexity to our business. To navigate this complexity we have developed advanced methods and IT systems for analysing Big Data in real time. This creates an important competitive advantage, as it allows us to buy and sell in the right markets, operate efficiently in logistics and production, and reduce risk by limiting our stocks of expensive medicines.

This approach has been uniquely value-creating. Year after year, Abacus Medicine has reported strong, organic growth coupled with sound profitability above the industry average.

Today, you will find our offices and 500 people in several countries.


Abacus Medicine is a young company that has come far in a short time. Browse through the main events of our journey below.

  • 2004

    Abacus Medicine is founded by father and son: John and Flemming Wagner

  • 2006

    First deliveries to Danish pharmacies and hospitals

  • 2009

    Abacus Medicine becomes the largest parallel importer of medicine to the Danish hospital network

  • 2010

    Beyond borders: Sweden becomes our first export market

  • 2012

    Abacus Medicine Hungary is established

    First deliveries to Germany

  • 2014

    First deliveries in the Netherlands

  • 2015

    First deliveries in the UK and in Austria.

    Launch of DayDose

  • 2016

    Turnover exceeds 1 billion DKK

  • First deliveries in France and Finland


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Business Ventures

The core business of Abacus Medicine is parallel distribution of prescription medicine. We are not fond of resting on our laurels, however. Our experience and growing success as a company allows us to experiment with and invest in new business ventures, and we do this eagerly.

DayDose is an advanced dietary supplement made super simple.

As a consumer brand, it is also a new and exciting type of business venture for Abacus Medicine.
We manufacture and sell the DayDose supplements directly to consumers and high street retailers.


We are happy to help, so please get in touch. Below you will find our main offices, but we have people covering all of Europe.

Global Sales, Supply Chain and Finance

Vesterbrogade 149
1620 Copenhagen V

Austrian Sales and Customer Support

Wolfgang-Pauli-Gasse 5/1/1/6
A-1140 Wien

Production and Regulatory

Maglódi út 6
1106 Budapest

German Sales and Customer support

Berliner Straße 8
D-16727 Velten

UK Sales and Customer Support

The Leadenhall Building,
122 Leadenhall Street,
London EC3V 4AB

Finnish Sales and Customer Support

Orioninitie 5
02200 Esbo

French Sales and Customer Support

12/14 Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées
Paris 75008, France

Production and Quality Assurance

Herculesstraat 25
1812 PD Alkmaar