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13 JULY 2020
Abacus Medicine acquires Pluripharm

Access to medicine and new services for pharmacies and hospitals is top priority

30 July 2020
Pluripharm acquisition approved

The purchase of all shares in the Pluripharm Group has been completed successfully

09 June 2020
Aposave introduces price guarantee

New Individual Access Requests (IAR) service delivers on widespread, unmet medical needs.

11 FEBRUARY 2020
Aposave established in new UK hub

With powerful backing, Simon Estcourt and team are ready to challenge the industry status quo.

10 FEBRUARY 2020
Abacus Medicine is now on Instagram

Get an insight into everyday life at Abacus Medicine

22 OCTOBER 2019
Free medicine for Ghana

Abacus Medicine recently donated medicine worth approximately EUR 35,000 free of charge to hospitals in Ghana.

16 September 2019
Investment concluded successfully

Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker invests EUR 48 million to acquire an ownership stake of just over one third of the shares

02 September 2019
New investment in Abacus Medicine

Abacus Medicine welcomes investment company Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker as strategic shareholder

29 May 2019
Abacus Medicine postpones IPO

Abacus Medicine decided today to postpone the planned Initial Public Offering (IPO) due to the currently unfavourable market conditions.

03 May 2019
CSR report 2018

Abacus Medicine adopted a new CSR Policy for 2018 and publishes a CSR Report for the first time this year.