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07 December 2018
New production site in NL

New site will offer daily flexibility and provide a contingency solution

29 November 2018
New Managing Director for Aposave

Simon Estcourt to head global activities for Aposave, the Abacus Medicine group’s pharmaceutical services company

01 November 2018
IPO 2018

In October 2018, Abacus Medicine announced and later postponed an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

01 June 2018
Annual Report 2017

Abacus Medicine recorded another successful year in 2017 as revenue rose by 42%.

09 May 2018
New warehouse in Berlin

Abacus Medicine now offers day-to-day deliveries throughout Germany.

13 March 2018

Abacus Medicine has won a European Business Award

26 February 2018
An important day

The 9th of February 2019 is an important day. It is when the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive comes into force.

01 February 2018
New Vice President

Abacus Medicine is happy to announce the appointment of Mr. Michael Vilhelmsen to the position as Vice President, Operation and QA.

31 January 2018

We did a big photo and video shoot in the office today. More than 30 smiling colleagues were kind enough to spend ...

02 January 2018
The number of the Day is 1142

The number of the Day is 1142. It was picked by Mogens Hobolth, Head of Business Intelligence at Abacus Medicine A/S.