Suppliers of medicine

Our suppliers are vital to our business, just as Abacus Medicine is vital to the business of many of our suppliers. We prefer loyal, long-term partnerships with our business partners, and we believe in the principle of growing together.

Our promise to you:

  • Stability. We will do our utmost to offer our suppliers a steady, continuous order flow even when market prices change regularly.
  • Cooperation on a large product portfolio. We currently hold more than 2000 licenses for pharmaceutical products, and we add several hundred new ones each year.
  • Flexibility. We pick orders up more frequently than most of our competitors do. Our trucks and logistics team work hard to ensure that goods for Abacus Medicine are not clogging your warehouse.

Business friendly company who treats their clients with full respectability. If I could express all good business experiences in one word it definitely would be ABACUS!

Customer Relations Specialist, Tamro

Tamro is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Transport companies

Transport of pharmaceuticals in properly temperature controlled vehicles is a key component of our business. Throughout the European Union our transports are in compliance with Good Distribution Practice and guidelines to secure the safest form of transportation of medical goods.

We prefer loyal, long-term partnerships with our business partners and believe in the principle of growing together. With thousands of transports every year, our main priority is a dependable yet flexible and solution-oriented approach.

In return, we promise our partners:

  • Stability. We do our best to offer transport companies a steady, continuous number of transports year-round.
  • Quality. Many pharmaceutical suppliers and our many customers in Europe require high-quality standards that meet expectations.
  • Control. Transport companies and our logistics team ensure that goods of Abacus Medicine will be followed by appropriate documentation to secure a controlled transport.

With Abacus Medicine we have a great cooperation. Together we are looking for the best solution for every transport and they are flexible!

Partner, INTERM

INTERM Spedition s.r.o. is a leading pharmaceutical transporter in Central Europe.