About us

Meet the team behind our operations in the UK and learn more about Abacus Medicine.

How it all began

Abacus Medicine was founded in 2004 by CEO Flemming Wagner and his father John Wagner (1932-2018).

The founding of Abacus Medicine, which specialises in parallel imports of original European medicines, was based on the aim of boosting competition in the Danish pharmaceutical industry and thus contributing to fairer medicine pricing.

Since then, Abacus Medicine has grown continuously and has established itself among the market leaders in the European parallel import industry.

Abacus Medicine is currently active in more than 14 European countries and employs over 1,100 dedicated employees. This success makes us particularly proud as a family-run company.

Abacus Medicine's active markets in Europe

The history of Abacus Medicine

Our UK team

Parm Sandhu
General Manager – UK & NI

Karan Gulati, Abacus Medicine United Kingdom

Karan Gulati
Sales Director – UK, IE & NL

Ioana Cotârlea
Operations Manager

Mathias Carlsen
Key Account Manager

Malte Christian Kortner
Lead Portfolio Manager

Abacus Medicine UK - Wasan El Hallak

Wasan El-Hallak
Sales and Operations Assistant

Leila Dilami
Sales and Operations Assistant

Raquel Salus Villena
Product Analyst

Solene Lapasset
Product Analyst

Sustainability in Abacus Medicine

As a parallel importer, we repackage medicines to meet the requirements of the UK market. 

Since this process creates additional amounts of paper waste, it was particularly important to us to do something about it.

Our sustainability initiatives are decided and implemented at Group level. 

Recycling program

Our recycling program at our manufacturing facility in Hungary significantly reduces the amount of paper waste we generate each day. As a parallel importer, we pack more than 75,000 packs of medicine every month.

1. Repackaging

1. Repackaging

All of our medicines for the UK market are repackaged in an authentic design. On the one hand, this means an identical presentation with regard to the design of the original manufacturer, but on the other hand, this leads to an increased volume of cardboard waste.

2. Recycling

2. Recycling

In 2019, Abacus Medicine invested in a shredder to sort and then shred the old boxes. This allows 10 tonnes of paper waste to be recycled every month.

3. New raw material

3. New raw material

After the waste paper leaves our production facility in shredded form, it is used by various companies as a raw material for new paper products.

4. New use

4. New use

New hygiene articles such as kitchen roll, handkerchiefs and toilet paper are ultimately made from the paper and cardboard waste.